The Party Line, the Law, and Reason

Marty Lederman has an interesting post up on Balkinization about just how unusual the whole Miers-Taylor contempt of Congress situation really is. The gist of it is that it is nearly unprecedented for someone to ignore a subpoena on the president’s orders, since it’s a crime and all. Instead, one would expect a person to attempt to testify, and then for the executive branch to intervene through the justice system. Unfortunately, things are now so partisan that instead, these people are more loyal to the president than to the law. John Conyers House Judiciary Committee Chair, is less than thrilled with these events, as am I. I find it hard to believe anyone, much less two people, is so willing to commit crimes for a president who has proven his incompetence so thoroughly.

Meanwhile, the President has now gone one further, suggesting he will veto any legislation that attempts to rein in his power over Iraq, OR IRAN. The level of commitment to ideology in this administration boggles the mind. Meanwhile, Iran is doing its best to fall apart from within, and maybe we should let it. Oh wait, not bombing things or threatening to shows weakness, I forgot. What Iran wants is an external threat to unite it. How about we not give it to them?

UPDATE: The Drezner post on Iran I was looking for but couldn’t find yesterday when I was writing this.


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