The Rundown

  • Greg Mankiw, former head of the Council of Economic Advisors under the President, discusses one suggestion for resolving our massive “fiscal gap.” Importantly, he notes that it isn’t going to be cheap, no matter how we do it.
  • Over at Slate, Emily Bazelon notices that people who buy a Toyota Prius tend to do it — gasp! — for, er, less than altruistic reasons. Trey Parker and Matt Stone beat her to it by almost a year, of course.
  • Tyler Cohen points to a provocative solution to Africa’s resource curse. Enticing, but on the other hand, this is Africa we are talking about, home of much of the worst governance in the world.
  • Zimbabwe continues to fall apart. More here.
  • Congress to take on OPEC? I doubt it, but that would sure be interesting.
  • Some interesting data on a shift of attitudes about abortion is here. I don’t really have a comment, but it’s interesting
  • If getting nuclear material is this easy in the US, I don’t even want to know what it’s like in Russia or Pakistan.

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