Saudi Insurgents in Iraq

I had a lot more posts planned for tonight, but I got caught up in watching my Phillies get crushed again, and now it’s late, so I guess I will just do most of them tomorrow. One more tonight though.

The big story today, of course, is the LA Times piece claiming that many of the foreign insurgents in Iraq are, like most of the 9/11 hijackers, from our good friends in Saudi Arabia. As Jonathan Zasloff points out, at best the monarchy is unable to stop the outflow of insurgents, and at worst, it may bear some responsibility. Saudi Arabia has some of the worst income disparity in the world and an incredibly oppressive police state regime. That’s not even to mention the scores of American expats leaching oil wealth out of the country, or the incredibly unpopular US military presence.

Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan points to two other pretty discouraging facts: First, he documents further evidence that most of the insurgents aren’t involved with al-Qaeda, as I mentioned last week. Second, he notes that another huge subset of insurgents come from another “friendly” country: Egypt.

This war continues to boggle the mind.


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