The Rundown

  • Further developments in executive privilege and contempt of Congress.
  • A lot of blog buzz about this Harold Meyerson column from today’s Washington Post. Opens with accusations of spinelessness against the GOP senators who criticize the war but still vote to prolong it.
  • Speaking of Post columns getting a lot of attention, today’s Michael Gerson column draws the obvious parallels between Rudy Giuliani and Richard Nixon.
  • Excellent Mark Kleiman post over at the Reality-Based Community about “atheistic bigotry.”
  • Fun exchange involving Stephen Bainbridge, Peggy Noonan, Barack Obama, Andrew Sullivan and Sean Hackbarth, as posted on Bainbridge.
  • Disturbing article on Slate about food safety (or lack thereof).
  • As Matt Yglesias notes, now that the constituency of Dick Cheney’s Energy Task Force has been revealed, I am pretty confused as to why he kept it secret in the first place, other than pathological paranoia, I guess.

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