More Historical Parallels

I guess the WP column I mentioned yesterday comparing Rudy to Nixon made people nostalgic for presidential history. Today, two similar columns came out making different comparisons.

The first, over at The Phoenix, via RCP, Steven Stark wonders if Barack Obama is another Adlai Stevenson. I don’t really get that vibe from Obama myself. Stevenson, (who I wrote a lengthy term paper about once as an undergrad) was a brilliant man, but he also had a pessimistic, even elitist attitude, which I don’t see in Obama.

Meanwhile, The Democratic Strategist sees parallels between the current Democratic primary and that of 1968. In general, it seems like kind of a pointless exercise to me, but there are a couple of good points. Most notably, while Edwards seems to want to draw comparisons to RFK, his actual positions on poverty are more similar to those of RFK rival Eugene McCarthy, and Obama’s are more similar to those of RFK himself.


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