The Rundown

  • Foreign Policy‘ s Passport blog argues that Condoleezza Rice is well on her way to becoming a Powell-esque failure as Secretary of State.
  • Newt Gingrich goes off on an amusing/frightening rant at an American Spectator breakfast.
  • Anne Applebaum argues that Vladimir Putin benefits politically from doing nothing about corruption and criminality in Russia.
  • More anthropogenic climate change evidence in Nature.
  • The VA is being sued by a group of Iraq veterans claiming that mismanagement and incompetence has prevented them from obtaining medical care.
  • Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon argue in the NYT that the CIA should take charge of the counterterrorism operations that the military has repeatedly bungled.
  • Gene Sperling makes a case that stagnant/declining American funding for scientific research could spark a crisis in the near future.
  • Greg Mankiw posts on a Becker-Posner Blog tip I emailed him, but doesn’t show me any love. Oh well. I got a thank you email at least.

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