Pick Six for July 3, 2010

I never really liked “The Rundown” as a title for my links posts, and so now I’ve decided to go with “Pick Six”. Without further ado, six links I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • Brad DeLong on how Obama’s mixed macroeconomic messaging is not a good thing.
  • David Byrne talks about his ideal city in the Wall Street Journal. I love America. (via MR)
  • Jonathan Adler points out some sniping at the Senate by Jack Goldsmith, testifying on Elena Kagan’s behalf on Volokh.
  • Former Post reporter Garrett Epps runs down the Kagan hearings for The Atlantic.
  • Jack Balkin writes on Viacom v. YouTube.
  • Alex Hart makes some good points about public benefits at Citizen Cohn.

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